There are lots of new things happening with me these days. Please check in with the Yahoo group for details or keep looking here for new updates to begin soon. Lots of interesting things to talk about.

FMW T-shirt

T-Shirts now available

Many people asked if they can support Steve by purchasing a T-Shirt, so Steve has drawn a sketch of himself on the road and we’ve arranged to have one made.

If you want to donate to support Steve during his journey, we graciously accept your kindness and in that same spirit of giving we will make a donation at the end of the trip to the Feed the Children and Big Brother/Big Sisters of America organizations. The hope here is that those same funds keep on helping long after Steve’s walk is over. Paying your kindness forward! Read more


When I started on this journey I was just a guy who was looking for some understanding of his own life. Somehow along the way people were moved by what I was doing and some even decided to make a change of their own. Being humbled to have been part of their inspiration I wanted to dedicate a page on my website to those people and their stories. Read more


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